Welche SEO-Trends werden wir in diesem neuen Jahr 2022 haben?

Vielleicht ist dies die am häufigsten gestellte Frage unter denen, die einen online-Shop erstellen und SEO für Ihren E-Commerce maximal optimieren möchten, da Sie die Bedeutung dieser digitalen Marketingtechnik kennen.

Viele Fachleute in diesem Sektor, wie üblich, begannen wir lange vor dem Ende des Laufenden Jahres nach Antworten zu suchen.

Von allen Disziplinen des online-Marketings ist SEO immer die „instabilste“. Dies liegt daran, dass die Regeln klarer sind, während es im rest änderungen oder neue Formate gibt.

Andererseits muss man sich bei der organischen Website-Optimierung für Suchmaschinen mit dem „Obskurantismus“ von Suchmaschinen auseinandersetzen.

Diese machen und rückgängig nach Belieben und geben normalerweise nicht zu viele Hinweise.

Gerade wegen dieses undurchsichtigen Charakters ist es so wichtig, auf jeden Hinweis zu achten, der aus dem offiziellen Google-blog oder von Fachleuten der Branche geklaut werden kann, die Häufig Empfehlungen und Tipps SEO für E-Commerce anbieten.

4 best SEO trends for eCommerce that will give a lot to talk about in 2022

Reviewing the SEO trends for 2022 we realize that, although many of the ones that marked last year are still decisive, some more have been added that you must take into account if you want your eCommerce to remain at the top of the rankings.

In this article, I invite you to review what is coming over us during this 2022 in terms of SEO trends.

I tell you that it will again be very changeable, although continuist in some aspects!

1. Mobile First Index

Update 2022: although the deadline for the full implementation of the Mobile First Index was quite wide, the truth, on this occasion Google has shown itself more flexible than usual.

In a recent official communication, they announced that the deadline was no longer September 2020 and extended until March 2022.

The truth is that all new websites already go through the sieve of mobile indexing.

If you have a more veteran project and you have not updated it to 100% it will be better to take advantage of the months of extension offered by the search engine and make it one of your priorities to start your site on mobile like clockwork.

Without a doubt, this is an SEO trend in 2022 and the years to come (as well as being critical to the user as well).

2. Google Lens or SEO for images with AI

It is very likely that we are facing the year when alternative search methods will definitely take off.

The voice is certainly gaining share as we anticipated at the time, but there was something we did not count on.

We knew that the commitment to Artificial intelligence is key, but it seems that one of those projects that usually leave running on the sidelines will be much more important for organic positioning in 2022: we are talking about Google Lens.

This reverse image search system has been working for years through assistants developed for mobile applications, but almost noiselessly started to work natively also in browsers.

Basically, what it does is scan an image and return us similar results, but not like the traditional Google Images search where it focuses on the similarity between two images without more.

Google Lens is able to interpret the content of the photograph and show US products related to what appears in the image.

Imagine applying Google Lens to a photo of the fashion influencer. You can find stores that sell the clothes you wear and, in addition, other different, but that fit your style.

This is not only a SEO trend in search engines for 2022, other types of large online references are already using it in other channels.

We talk about the Amazon app that does something very similar or Pinterest Lens with its social network.

You should not lose sight of this, because it looks like it will grow determinedly over the next 12 months.

3. New niches and services: SEO after COVID

The year we (finally) left behind has brought a real revolution to eCommerce. During the months of confinement there was a brutal increase in certain niches and sectors that had never experienced something like this.

No one really could count on something similar, it has been a real tsunami that has left behind an inertia that has not stopped driving many stores.

What implications does this have for SEO?

Well, it is expected that in 2022 will significantly increase competition in certain segments such as online supermarkets, food at home, exercise items or Leisure At Home. All of them are going to get really more competitive.

Because in addition to all this you have to add to the physical stores and retailers of all kinds that have joined the Online channel to try to find a space to continue growing or maintain your business.

In many cases these competitors were not exploiting this type of sale at all.

If we already occupied our space before the explosion of the pandemic we will have to reinforce it with more content or, at least, with content better aligned with what users are looking for.

Rethinking search intentions and updating our keyword research will be basic because, in the face of a new demand and way of consuming, it is essential to collect what users are looking for.

Attributes that previously did not have great importance, become basic.

Who sold masks a year ago? Who cared if a product was antiseptic or disinfected?

4. SEO Video     

The importance of video is nothing new, but the boom is so brutal that we can not overlook it, in addition to being great for stimulating conversion and improving the user experience.

Keep in mind that for certain searches, video results always rank first and it’s something worth working on.

Especially in the conversion funnel segments where transactional has not yet been passed.

The video is great for positioning itself in comparative searches, tutorials, informational…

Shine your YouTube channel right now.

Generate that type of content and optimize it with the best possible titles and descriptions and, ultimately, harness the full potential of this platform to prescribe and position long tail words that can assist conversion.


Well, this is what is coming in the coming months from my point of view.

Anyway, you already know that SEO requires being permanently alert.

In 2021 we have experienced many changes in the algorithm (some reported and some not) and, if something is certain in the world of organic positioning, it is that this will be a trend again in 2022.

Nothing can ever be taken for granted with Google, let alone in a context like the one we are living in permanent doubt and uncertainty.

I’ll set you up for a year and we’ll see how the landscape has evolved and what will be the most potential for 2023.

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