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The software development group REDESISFORM, based in Ecuador, in the cities of Quito and Guayaquil, has more than 10 years of experience in the development of administrative and business web applications, management of computer networks, e-Commerce and linguistic translation. He specializes in the creation of Editable Multilingual  Translator web Systems and Multilingual Online Stores.

As a nationwide Google Maps Local Guide, for the development of Editable Multilingual Translators web Systems we apply the Google Translate service to more than 100 languages.  

OUR METHOD OF EDITABLE TRANSLATION.- in our Translators Web Systems we implement editable human translation rather than automatic robotic translation, in order to ensure an optimal translation’s quality. It is important to consider that the automatic robotic translation obtained with the Google Translate is a basic translation that must always be reviewed, edited and corrected by human translators to obtain the editable translation. This also allows the Webmaster or Website Administrator to make at any time the correction of possible translation errors and to record any changes he wishes to make.


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EXAMPLE OF MISTAKES AND INCONSISTENT TRANSLATION OBTAINED WITH THE USE OF AUTOMATIC ROBOTIC TRANSLATION ON A MULTILINGUAL WEB SITEan example of the results that would be obtained if in our website we implement the automatic robotic translation we present here: . You may notice that automatic robotic translation is an instant translation performed without any human control and exposed to serious errors of interpretation (It should be noted that in the example the translation into other languages is performed from the Spanish language, so that the text in Spanish is therefore optimal because it is the original text. The interpretation errors are notorious in the text of the English, French, German and Russian languages, which is the product of the automatic robotic translation)

To do a brief analysis of the results obtained by translating the titles of the blog related to the press releases about the Street View service of Google Maps, we can elaborate the following table:

Original text in Spanish
Text in English obtained with Automatic Robotic Translator
Spanish translation of the text in English obtained with Automatic Robotic Translator
English text prepared by human translators using Editable Translation
Ecuador podrá recorrerse virtualmente con Google Maps Ecuador can be traveled virtually with Google Maps Ecuador puede ser recorrido virtualmente con Google Maps Ecuador will can be visited virtually with Google Maps
¿Cómo beneficiará a Ecuador el servicio de Street View de Google Maps? How to benefit Ecuador service Street View Google Maps? ¿Cómo beneficiar al Servicio de Ecuador Street View Google Maps? How will Street View service of Google Maps benefit Ecuador?
Ecuador se une a más de 50 países del mundo que cuentan con Google Street View Ecuador joins more than 50 countries around the world with Google Street View Ecuador se une a más de 50 países del mundo con Google Street View Ecuador joins more than 50 countries around the world that count with Google Street View

CONCLUSION: the automatic robotic translation obtained with the Google Translate is a basic translation of great importance in the development of business translators web systems, but it should not be adopted as a definitive translation result, it should always be revised, edited and corrected by human translators.

EXAMPLE OF THE USE OF THE EDITABLE TRANSLATION IN AN EUROPEAN WEB SITE in Europe never is used the automatic robotic translation in the web sites which are very clear and well designed. An example of the use of editable human translation on a multilingual website translated from the Italian language into English, Spanish and French languages is the one that reports the great triumph of the ecuadorian cyclist Richard Carapaz, wearing the Maglia Rosa of the leader of the general classification, winner of the Senza Fine trophy and proclaimed champion of the Giro d’italia 2019 being placed in the first place of the general classification of the Giro, as published in the following portal:

HOW TO RECOGNIZE THE METHOD OF TRANSLATION (EDITABLE OR AUTOMATIC ROBOTICS) THAT HAS BEEN USED ON A MULTILINGUAL WEBSITE: to recognize which method of translation (Editable or Automatic Robotics) has been used on a multilingual website, simply see the URL (in the browser’s internet address bar) for each of the languages when translating one of the pages of the website. If the URL remains unchanged when changing from one language to another, we conclude that Automatic Robotic Translation has been used since when using the Editable Translation the basic rule is that you must have one page for each language to translate, and by remaining invariable the URL it is concluded that we only have one page for all languages, the same one that is instantly translated by the Automatic Robotic Translator when changing from one language to another.

For the 3 languages used as an example (French, English and German) here are some examples of URLs per language that should be obtained when changing from one language to another when using Editable Translation on the multilingual website for French for English for German


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