SEO trends in 2022

Here we show some of the SEO trends that search engines will take into account during 2022 and that will allow us to prepare our strategy accordingly. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the effective way to get users to our website. SEO is constantly evolving and keeping an eye on the latest updates is a challenge.

Mobile First

Google, since 2019, the first thing you look at on a page is mainly its mobile version, which means that the search engine considers this to be the “main” version above the desktop one. According to their calculations, more than 70% of users who access the internet in 2025 will do so from mobile devices, so we will have to bear in mind the mobile usability of our website.

Artificial Intelligence

Optimizing our content so that RankBrain (Google’s artificial intelligence algorithm) understands it is a difficult task because they do not share official information about it. But if we rely on the experience of users is decisive, since it is known that offering useful content to our readers, well organized and with good readability, helps a better position.

Content that complies with the EAT principle

For Google, quality content is the key to success in ranking and the acronym EAT (Expertise Authority Trustworthiness) are its principle. Therefore, ensuring quality and truthful content on our website is vital if we want to climb positions and stand out from our competition. A good idea is to accompany the information we provide to our users from links to trusted sites such as”. edu “and”. gov”, which will support the claims of our texts.

Voice searches

It is clear that Google assistants, Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, have already normalized among users and in a couple of years, more than half will use this technology to perform their searches on a regular basis. For voice search to be effective, we will have to consider keywords with natural phrases. For example, when someone searches the browser and has to type tends to shorten the phrase, ” SEO trends in 2022”, but if you want to perform a voice search the thing changes, “what are the SEO trends for 2022?”

Local searches

Local SEO is important and has undergone a great evolution. In fact, most people use the search engine to find localized services and this evolution is due to the increase in non-click searches. In non-click searches, the user is informed through the SERP itself (search Engine Results Page or in Spanish search engine results page). One of the reasons is the increase in highlighted fragments. To promote our local business we can create a web page and observe what kind of backlinks our competition has to inspire us on what to put In ours.

Predictive search

Predictive search occurs when the search engine suggests words or phrases that it thinks we are looking for. That is, if we start typing «internet …», it will show us a drop-down that suggests us, for example, «internet services provider», thus facilitating our search. Although it is not only there, it can also correct possible mistakes that we are making when writing the text. To appear in the results that the search engine throws based on that prediction we must not do anything. It will be Google that determines whether we leave depending on the quality of the content and the interest of the user, based on factors such as Location History, Search history, browsing history, use of applications, calendars, etc.

More extensive content

Long content gets more traffic, more actions, and more backlinks. We will have to focus on content with a longer format, without neglecting the quality, if we want to achieve a higher search ranking. Actions to consider within our content:

  • The content structure will be divided into sections with H2 and H3 subtitles, as they are especially important for mobile devices.
  • Linking with relevant sources and with good PA (page authority).
  • Include links consistent with our content.

Image optimization

One of the most important SEO trends in 2022 will be, if it is not already, the optimization of the images of our site. Something that Google has been insisting a lot on time. We will use high quality images, customize the file name and label the photographs to be relevant on the corresponding page.

Inclusion of videos

Video is the line to follow and is the preferred format for users to consume content, so if we do not yet have a channel we should consider opening one and start generating content for it. We will make sure to optimize the name and description of the channel, including keywords so that it can be perfectly identified. We leave you some basic SEO actions to apply to a video that we upload to our channel:

  • Include description and keywords of each of the videos that we upload.
  • Name in the video the word or keywords with which we want to be searched.
  • Long videos are better positioned than short ones.
  • Encourage our users to interact with the video or channel.
  • Attractive video thumbnail image that makes you understand what the video is about.
  • Consider adding subtitles.

Semantically related keywords

Google no longer focuses on strings simply, but observes and understands the context of the sentence. It is logical then to include secondary words and treat them in the same way as a primary always, of course, that are related to each other. To address semantic search, we will create content posed to answer what users would naturally look for.



SEO Positioning is becoming more complex and gone is simply optimizing text, adding keywords and meta-headings. In the current SEO trends and during 2022, we will have to think about topics ranging from voice control to the positioning of our videos.

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